Healthy habits start with healthy thinking.

Whether it's losing weight or decreasing stress, your mind is key. It's the secret ingredient that other programs have neglected--and it makes all the difference. Try our program and learn how becoming healthier starts with training your MindFirst.

Wellness isn't one big step. It's a lot of little steps that make a difference.

Stress in America is a public health crisis

We've seen the studies; we're sure you have too. Many Americans admit to living with an unhealthy lifestyle.

40 million American adults suffer from anxiety or depression

Fast Food

2/5 of Americans reported overeating or eating unhealthy foods due to stress


99 million Americans are overweight

There's a better way. With our mindfulness-based approach to health, everyday well-being is within reach. It's never too late to begin rewiring your brain for increased calm, focus and satisfaction.

MindFirst has lots of ways to wellness

There's a range of options to fit your lifestyle.


200+ MindTalks on our mindful approach to food, fitness and weight loss.




Short, powerful daily meditation exercises will stregthen your mind, reduce stress, encourage mindfulness and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Wellness Support

Wellness Support

A vast array of options lets you find your inner balance like community support, fitness lessons, food logging, recipes, and a weight tracker.

The MindFirst program is supported by top practitioners in the fields of psychology, mindfulness, nutritional science and fitness.

The proof is in the science

Thousands of studies cite mindful meditation as an effective treatment for both physical and mental stress-related conditions including depression.

Meditation evokes a relaxation response that significantly improves sleep and fights insomnia, according to a Harvard University study.

Mindfulness has been shown to be largely effective in reducing overall weight in addition to mindless and emotional eating.